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A web log for homeowners, prospective homeowners and home sellers in the subject of Home Inspections, presented by I. G. "Zack" Lilienfeld, PE, Licensed New Jersey Home Inspector and Consulting Engineer


Home Inspections Make Sense

As a long-time homeowner and real estate investor who has been through 18 real estate transactions in the last 20 years, I know that the process of buying - or selling - a home can be loaded with twists and turns. As a young buyer, I dreaded the moment when I found a problem with the home I just bought, requiring me to shell out scarce money to repair something I had not anticipated. As a young home seller, I likewise dreaded the moment when a buyer presented me with a shopping list of defects - real or imagined - that they demanded be fixed... or else! As I gained experience buying and selling homes, I learned that in an imperfect world, knowledge is king. So, I applied my engineering expertise to my enjoyment of detective work, leading me to inspect buildings for a living.

Home inspections are a important link in the home buying process, especially as home prices - and home repair costs - have soared in recent years. As a seller, it makes sense to try and eliminate, to the extent reasonably possible, any impediments to selling. As a buyer, it is prudent to have an expert look over your prospective new home to see you overlooked anything that will likely cost you money, time or your good health in the long haul if left unchecked. And, even if you have no plans to sell your home anytime soon, wouldn't it be a benefit to have your home checked periodically to be sure it is not in decline? A qualified, ethical and independent home inspector can serve all of these homeowner/buyer needs.

I have created this online journal for anyone involved with home buying and selling, including agents, attorneys, purchasers, sellers, and home inspectors. I welcome ideas, and intend to update this web log weekly. And, for more information, please visit my website at Integrity Engineering, LLC.


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